Cannabis Farm in Oregon

Eco Firma Farms grows cannabis the way it should be grown. The dedication and hardwork we put into the life of our product speaks for itself. As a company, we believe in a set of three core values: Customer Service, Sustainability, and Commitment to Quality. We take pride in being able to offer the finest recreational and medical grade cannabis on the market . By listening to customer needs and making constant updates to our strain selection we are able to maintain some of the very best genetics available. Our farmers use recyclable products and exercise responsible fertilization practices everyday to ensure the purity and superiority of our plants. Locally owned and cultivated, Eco Firma Farms strives to be the first carbon neutral cannabis producer in the state of Oregon.

Clean, Clear, Direct
Hands in the dirt since 1975

As part of our commitment to responsible Cannabis use, we would like to verify that you're of legal age 21 or over.

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