Pachecos: Premium Marijuana Smokes

Pachecos Premium Marijuana Smokes

One gram draws, Pachecos are set to go where you go. All flower and no duff, these delightful, handcrafted smokes from Eco Firma Farms are sure to satisfy. Available in four strengths: Hammerhead, Stryder, Mazzy, and Keen. These little bombers are a big hit in a little box.

Pachecos Hammerheads Marijuana Smokes Rich in THC, Hammerheads are a hard hitting, high potency smoke with a heavy, full effect. An honest hit for the seasoned enthusiast.
Pachecos Stryders Marijuana Smokes Get up and go with a boost from Stryders. With varying strength, these little Debbies can charge energy and stroke creativity with zero lock down. For the active worker type, Stryders make fine companions.
Pachecos Mazzies Marijuana Smokes The low CBD and mid to high range THC in Mazzies can translate strong to the newcomer or mild to the seasoned user. Smoke a lot or toke a little, Mazzies treat you kind any hour.
Pachecos Keens Marijuana Smokes Keens are a high CBD blend, great for a quick, solid strength hit. Low levels of THC make these little sessions perfect for a light mid-day puff and move. Be sharp and stay chill.

Pachecos are available as singles, packs of three and packs of five. Ask for Pachecos at your favorite dispensary. *For wholesale inquiries please login or create an account or hit us up at

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