It is with hands in the dirt since 1974, that our time, efforts, and attention have been spent on consistently and sustainably producing top-shelf, artisan crafted cannabis. We take seriously the well-being of those that come into contact with what we grow whether its for health, pleasure, or both. It is our goal to leave the world a little better than how we found it, and spread good-will along the way.

Our responsibility to the environment is as important as that to our products. We are Oregon’s first cannabis producer to operate solely on wind power and have substantially cut down on our annual use of carbon dioxide. Our overall carbon footprint has been greatly reduced by using recycled products and exercising responsible fertilization practices. It is our mission to become Oregon’s first carbon-neutral cannabis farm.

At Eco Firma Farms, being the best at “how” we do it is just as important as “what” we do. This means being committed to improving the conditions of those we employ, our environment, and our community. It means treating our partners honestly, being an active participant in our industry, and giving back to those causes we hold dear.

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” We’ve all heard this and at Eco Firma Farms, we live it. Over the decades, it is the patience, hard-work, and passion that have brought us the skills and knowledge integral to the production and consistency of every strain of artisan cannabis we produce.